I’m Rich, also known online as RichaadEB. I’m a guitarist and musician that primarily focuses on bringing my own spin of creativity to well-known video game soundtracks, usually taking something chippy and making it into something you might hear from a Progressive Metal band.

I like music and games - so why not combine the two? Over the past 2 years I've been making semi-consistent bi-weekly-ish covers of (mostly) video game music on YouTube as a hobby, at least until just recently. RECENTLY, I've made the switch to making music on YouTube and online as a living (due in part to my incredibly generous and wonderful patrons on PATREON).

Some stuff I've done:

-Contributed to the creation of three charity albums
-Assisted in the production (and appeared on) the official Crypt of the Necrodancer metal remix album by FamilyJules7x
-Contributed music to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 under the direction of composer Jack Wall
-Released an officially licensed UNDERTALE cover album with my good friend Ace Waters
-Have had music included in releases of the game Hyper DragonBall Z
-Collaborated with countless other VGM musicians (a lovely bunch of folks, at that)
-Broken nearly 50k subscribers and 7m+ overall views on YouTube

I also recently moved to San Diego, CA from Grand Rapids, MI. It's pretty rad. My roommates are FamilyJules7x and JonathanYoungMusic.

I proudly endorse and support PRS Guitars

I love doing music stuff, and I like to think I'm pretty good at it. You should give some of my work a listen.